Custom preview of your future air distribution

The FabricAir® CFD Service is the best way to demonstrate the efficiency of the air dispersion solution.

Each report is custom-made to the customer, analyzing their specific needs and taking into account the specific requirements and conditions of the project.


Excellent performance

Demonstrates the system performance to provide assurance of optimum design

Airflow pattern verification

Verifies airflow patterns, velocities, and temperature distribution

Potential issue identification

Identifies potential issues upfront, e.g. stale air zones

The most popular applications for CFD analysis are:

Office buildings. They typically have many windows, heat-generating office equipment, and workers that add up to a substantial heat load. Air comfort is especially critical in offices.

Sports facilities & warehouses. They have inherently large volumetric spaces and high ceilings, which complicate air distribution design.

Aquatic facilities. They are unique because of psychrometrics – thermodynamic parameter of moist air at a constant pressure. Typically, they also have fairly high ceilings. Additionally, aquatic facilities are reputed to potentially cause respiratory symptoms in swimmers due to harmful gas chloramines congregation at the pool surface. CFD analysis can be invaluable for designing enough air velocity above the pool surface to move chloramines toward return air inlets, but not excessively enough where it increases the pool evaporative rate. Natatoriums have a myriad of difficult environmental challenges that CFD analysis can help solve.

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