3 ways fabric ducts can enhance a house of worship experiences

When entering any house of worship around the world, chances are air distribution is not top of mind. The allure of what draws many to these sacred places – a brief respite from the world, beautiful architecture, wonderful music, and historic relics – are the very things that can be negatively impacted by faulty or old HVAC systems.

Katharina Rohkamper

Sales Manager, Germany and Austria

Germany / Austria

In many instances, these buildings are relatively or even very old, including the HVAC systems, which may be integrated into the architecture, and often become inefficient over time. The absence of an HVAC system in some older houses of worship is an open invitation for unwanted elements to creep in. Over time, these elements can destroy the buildings, relics, and the equipment from within as they encourage mold, crumble the structure and negatively alter the acoustics, all of which diminish the spiritual experience. However, fabric-based air distribution solutions have a very positive effect not just on indoor air quality, but on other issues as well.

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Protecting history without breaking a sweat

Oftentimes the best way to remedy HVAC issues in these instances is to replace the old one with a new one. However, there are many cases when this is not an option. While some elements of the HVAC system may be replaced, other sections might be protected by historic preservation regulations, making a true retrofit a challenging or impossible endeavor. However, the light and flexible properties of fabric ducting provide an ideal solution, one that can adapt to the most formidable challenges. For example, fabric ducts easily can navigate around historically preserved elements. Thanks to advanced printing technology, ducts can be matched to the same colors of the interiors to blend in seamlessly with the masterful environments.

Keeping the old pipes sounding great

Poor quality HVAC in houses of worship might also result in diminished or distorted acoustics in musical instruments like organs with pipes that are often integrated into the overall architecture and require very costly repairs. Organs are usually made of metal and are extremely sensitive to environmental effects. Even the slightest change in humidity or temperature can knock the instruments out of tune, which also results in a costly repair. It might sound strange, but inefficient HVAC also dampens or reduces the sound quality in the naves. Fabric-based air solutions remedy these issues as fabric ducts provide consistent and uniform humidity and temperature set points. Through the use of permeable fabric, the entire duct diffuses air preventing damaging condensation from forming inside the pipes. As an extra benefit, flexible fabric ducts can be placed around or even inside an instrument without affecting the acoustics.

Enjoying the present while preserving the past

No one wants their house of worship experience diminished by poor indoor air quality. By using fabric ducting, these visits can be enhanced through a perfect indoor environment without any drafts, annoying sounds, or over-the-top humidity. And with advanced fabric ducting technologies, building occupants can experience extra comfort on chilly days with heating coming from the underside of the pews, keeping seats and feet warm. These innovative technologies also help to prevent damage to precious art and relics that left unprotected can be slowly destroyed by humidity and mold. Fabric-based solutions truly can enhance your house of the worship experience and help to preserve the treasures of various religions around the world.


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