Vestergaard Company A/S, Gevninge, Denmark

Future-proofed ventilation solution with low energy comsumption

When Vestergaard Company A/S in 2015 were upgrading the ventilation solution in production halls B and C, a low energy consumption was a requirement for the new solution.

T. Jespersen Ventilation ApS and FabricAir delivered a future-proofed solution with a healthy and draft-free indoor environment.


Combi 85

Suspension Type

Type 8, AiO

Total Air Flow

2x 24.000 m³/h [14,126 CFM]

Flow Models



An upsurge in demand had led to increased production at Vestergaard Company’s facility in Gevninge, Denmark. The old ventilation system was no longer adequate.

The factory produces vehicles. In the given halls, the bulk of the work is steel and sheet metal processing, incl. welding.


Powerful exhaustion is necessary in order to ensure a healthy work environment at the 35 welding stations. To prevent drafts and unpleasantries resulting from the exhaust, fresh air is dispersed intelligently into the room from a single rectangular duct hung from the ceiling.

This bespoke solution from FabricAir is delivered in collaboration with Jespersen Ventilation. It consists of a custom-designed rectangular duct with four internal partitions and a transition to a round duct. The duct measures 1.4 m [4.6 ft] wide by 0.48 m [1.6 ft] high, and a total of 40,6 m long [133 ft].

PerfoFlow™ ensures a comfortable indoor environment throughout the entire hall. The rectangular duct has alu-frames and is mounted in five H-profiles, while the round duct is suspended using Type 8, AiO.


The facility has been in service a good while and the users are very satisfied with the pleasant indoor environment in the hall. It complies well with requirements set forth in the tender by Vestergaard Company to create a pleasant work environment. There are no bothersome drafts, dust issues or odors.