BW white paper 2024

Do you know how much revenue you're losing due to ice?

It is essential for wind farm executives and owners to have a better understanding of icing-related losses. By embracing more nuanced estimation methodologies and leveraging real-world data, stakeholders can fortify their decision-making frameworks and bolster the resilience of the wind energy sector in the face of icing-related adversities.

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Learn more about:

Underestimation of Icing Losses

Conventional methodologies for calculating icing losses often lead to significant underestimations due to common mistakes and their impact on data accuracy

Global Market Data Discrepancies

Market-wide data reveals a stark disparity between projected and actual icing losses, underscoring the need for more accurate estimation techniques

Challenges in Estimation Process

Understand major roadblocks in accurately estimating icing losses, including inaccuracies in available energy estimation and difficulties in distinguishing icing-related losses from other operational factors such as maintenance or curtailment

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