Join BorealisWind at CLEANPOWER 2024 – May 6-9!

BorealisWind is thrilled to announce its participation at CLEANPOWER 2024 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, from May 6th to 9th!

Attendees will find the BorealisWind team in booth 3347, where we will demonstrate our patented solution for addressing one of the most common challenges for cold climate wind farms: icing on turbine blades.

BorealisWind helps cold climate wind farms optimize their energy production. We achieve this through our innovative ice protection systems, engineered to prevent and eliminate ice buildup, ensuring uninterrupted turbine operation even in the harshest conditions. We look forward to engaging with wind farm owners, operators, and renewable energy experts to exchange insights and ideas for advancing the industry.

BorealisWind will exhibit at the upcoming CLEANPOWER Expo in Minneapolis, MN from May 6-9, 2024.

Visitors to booth 3347 will have the opportunity to experience a live demonstration of our ice protection systems conducted by our team of experts. Our team will provide in-depth explanations of the technology’s functionality and advantages. Additionally, attendees can explore a crucial component of our Ice Protection System: the FabricAir fabric ducts. These durable, lightweight ducts are custom engineered to facilitate efficient heat distribution to the turbine blade tips, playing a vital role in ice prevention.

Don’t miss this opportunity to experience the future of ice protection systems in wind energy firsthand!


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