Don’t let ice stop
your turbines

The BorealisWind Ice Protection System (IPS)
prevents ice formation on wind turbine blades
to ensure continuous energy production
for wind power farms in cold conditions.

Cold Climate Wind Farm Challenges

In cold climates, winter months produce the highest wind energy yield due to the higher air density and faster wind speeds. Being able to consistently generate wind power at low temperatures is critical to ensure revenue targets and investment returns are met. Furthermore, under-production
can result in significant penalties.

Once winter sets in and colder temperatures take hold, the energy produced by wind turbines can be seriously disrupted by ice forming on the blades. A light icing event can reduce energy production by 15-30%. Harsh conditions can reduce energy production up to 80% or result in the wind farm shutting down.

Solve costly icing problems before they start

The BorealisWind IPS prevents ice formation on wind turbine blades to ensure safe, continuous energy production for wind farms in cold conditions.
Our patented technology solves both anti-icing and de-icing issues, heating the blade from the inside and shedding the ice from the exterior of the blade. The IPS prevents unanticipated shutdowns of wind turbines and ensures stable energy delivery during winter when energy costs and financial returns are the highest.


Icing events make the wind turbine blades less aerodynamic, significantly reducing the power output and impacting the wind turbine’s energy production.
The BorealisWind IPS helps you maintain consistent energy production through the winter resulting in as much as a 10% increase to annual energy production.


The IPS prevents ice-related damage to your turbine blades, avoids harmful ice induced downtimes, and extends your turbine life. Mangled entrance stairs, crushed transformers and junction boxes, and even severe damage to the to the nacelle and rotor illustrate the destructive power of ice throw.


Ensure safe working conditions for your maintenance crews and the public at large.
Falling and thrown chunks of ice from wind turbines can lead to workplace injuries for which the owner can be held responsible.

Wind Turbine
Icing Losses

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Customer Testimonial

“The BorealisWind Ice Protection System has consistently demonstrated its reliability and effectiveness in efficiently eliminating ice buildup from the blade’s leading edge at Amherst Island Wind Farm. In addition, the team behind this innovative solution exhibits exceptional dedication and collaboration, making them a pleasure to work with.”
Artem Bogachuk | Manager, Site Operations for Liberty Power

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