Wind turbines in cold climates require advanced anti-icing technology to handle icing events

Beyond “Cold Weather Packages”: Embracing the Future of Anti-Icing Technologies

Explore the role of innovative anti-icing technologies, including cold weather packages, in ensuring reliable and sustainable wind energy production.

Innovative Ice Protection at Winterwind 2024

BorealisWind ice protection system experts will attend Winterwind 2024 in Ave, Sweden, March 18-20, 2024.

How to Track Losses from Ice Build-Up on Wind Turbines

Tracking production losses due to ice on wind turbine blades can have a significant impact on revenue and reliability.

Maximizing Wind Turbine Efficiency: Understanding the Capacity Factor

Wind energy, a vital component of the renewable energy industry, relies on the Wind Turbine Capacity Factor to gauge efficiency. The Wind Turbine Capacity Factor is the average power output divided by the maximum power capability.

Wind Farm Underperformance: Understanding Icing-Related Losses

While promising for sustainable energy, wind farms struggle with a persistent challenge—underperformance. Wind farm performance predictions often fall short, impacting management and financial decisions.

FabricAir Presents Innovative BorealisWind Ice Protection System at CanREA Trade Show

FabricAir will be showcasing its groundbreaking BorealisWind Ice Protection System, designed specifically for cold climate wind farms at the CanREA - Electricity Transformation Canada trade show.