How does the BorealisWind IPS detect icing?

Borealis Wind is partnered with a company called Icetek. Icetek is the leading provider of ice detection systems in Canada. Their systems are so accurate because they can detect the water molecules in the air that make conditions suitable for icing. The Icetek system can then communicate with the BorealisWind IPS to proactively turn on/off the system for maximum efficiency.

How much money will this system save us?

You can expect the Borealis IPS to increase your wind turbine AEP by an average of 8-10%, largely depending on the location of the turbine and the MW size. The system has been known to completely repay the initial cost of the system and have the wind turbine create tens of thousands of new dollars in power production all within the first year.

Besides Annual Energy Production increases, are there any other benefits to installing this system on our wind turbines?

• There are a variety of benefits to installing the Borealis IPS that largely revolve around two separate aspects: safety and turbine lifespan.
• Safety is a major factor that has a substantial effect on the company’s bottom line. Wind techs are trained to refuse work on wind turbine blades that have accumulated even a half inch of ice. This ice can and does fall on wind techs injuring them and damaging nearby property.
• The added weight of thousands of pounds of ice also deteriorates the wind turbine at an increased pace resulting in a need to change gear boxes and drivetrains that can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Is there a risk of fire or the Borealis IPS coming loose in the blade?

• In terms of fire, our system is completely fireproof due to the casing that our heater is in. There is no way for external debris to get into the heater meaning that the heater cannot start a fire.
• In terms of parts coming loose, we have never had a single part come loose in the blade in the 6 years that we have been in business. This is because we do an inspection every 3 or 6 months to torque the different parts of our system.

What is this System as a Service Model?

The SaaS model means that every aspect of our system from installation through warranty is included with the system. That means that your company will never have to deal with the maintenance or upkeep of the system. You will simply pay the annual fee and see an excellent ROI year after year.

How long does installation take?

You can expect installation to take no longer that 9 days in total when the blades are up tower. If the blades are on the ground, the installation can take as little as 3 days. This installation is done with two teams of 3-4 people. We make sure that our installation experts are in open communication with your operations team to keep you informed with milestones of the installation process.

This system sounds great, why is it not installed in every wind turbine in North America?

• Only cold weather climates that are prone to icing can justify having a Borealis IPS installed in them.
• Additionally, a variety of turbines do come installed with anti-icing systems from the factory. The Borealis IPS is the best solution for those wind turbines that did not have an anti-icing system installed in the factory.
• The Borealis IPS is quickly gaining traction in Canada, just recently, Quebec passed policy that stated any new wind turbines need to have an anti-icing system installed in them. This bill is a green initiative to help wind turbines operate more efficiently.

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