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Wind turbine icing results in significant power and revenue loss for wind farms. Our patent pending device is an internal blade heating retrofit which is installed inside the rotor blades. It is easy to install: no cranes or rope access required. The device is able to de-ice the rotor blades in under 90 minutes at -5°C (1).
This system operates once the wind turbine has shut down due to rotor blade icing. The de-icing system then circulates warm air within the blade to target the critical area, the tip of the blade. It has been designed as a retrofit for rotor blades. The de-icing system is customizable to various wind turbine models.
We have done extensive simulations and are in process of field verification. Using the simulations, we confirmed the functionality of the design, and determined that the de-icing process would only take 90 minutes at -5°C (1). We are currently conducting physical tests. Our first round of installations will begin Summer 2016.


Return on Investment

As an example, for a 1.5 MW wind turbine operating in Canada, our device will pay off in only 6 weeks of icing down time. That is based on reclaimed power alone. If this 1.5 MW wind turbine were to have only 3 weeks of icing each winter, that would mean a net present value of over $140,000 over the life of the wind turbine, with a rate of return of 50%.

Our device will pay off in only 6 weeks of icing downtime(2)

Risk & Warranty

We are working with wind turbine manufacturers to ensure that the installation does not affect the wind turbine warranty and that it is safe to install as a retrofit. All components that will be installed in the blade are CSA approved and rated for operating in an environment such as the interior of a wind turbine blade. We are conducting extensive physical tests and we will be installing sensors on all critical points inside the blade to ensure the safety of the wind turbine. 


We have a unique opportunity for wind farms with the GE 1.5/1.6 MW wind turbines. Please contact us for more information.

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1. Based on ANSYS Fluent simulation results
2. Assuming a contract at 10 ¢/kWh, 1.5 MW wind turbine and 35% capacity factor. Prices are subject to change.

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