Innovative Ice Protection at Winterwind 2024

FabricAir is excited to exhibit the BorealisWind ice protection system at the highly anticipated Winterwind event in Åre, Sweden from March 18th to 20th. Winterwind gathers wind power stakeholders, including scientists, engineers, manufacturers, developers, consultants, investors, wind farm owners, and government representatives. Our experts will showcase our innovative ice protection solution at booth 9, offering attendees a look at the technology that addresses the challenges of generating wind power in cold climates with icing issues.

BorealisWind stands out in the market with unparalleled efficiency and a unique “System as a Service” model.

Unlike most other ice mitigation solutions, BorealisWind requires no upfront capital investments and comes with a full lifetime warranty making it an attractive option for wind farm operators.

FabricAir’s team of experts will be on hand at booth 9 to provide comprehensive insights into the system’s capabilities and advantages, ensuring visitors gain a deep understanding of its superiority in mitigating ice-related issues.

Learn more about the potential of the BorealisWind system to increase your AEP by 10% by visiting our booth during this prestigious event!

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